PBCWE Member Companies

PBCWE Member Companies

One of the motivations for creating a business coalition in the Philippines is to pursue workplace gender equality (WGE) from the “right thing to do” perspective. PBCWE believes that companies pursuing WGE will give them a competitive edge in terms of attracting and sustaining the best talent in the market.

From seven (7) founding members, we eventually grew to 40 member companies (as of August 2023) who are all large employers and leaders of different industries – retail, real estate, BPO, shipping, direct selling, professional services, insurance, banking, advertising, holdings, distribution utility, technology, infrastructure development solutions, and more.

Sustainability and Large-Scale Organisational Transformation

PBCWE works with businesses that are large employers to encourage more women to enter, stay, and thrive in the workplace. Our overall goals are twofold – sustainability and large-scale organisational transformation. We operate through the following objectives.


"Any company that is part of PBCWE is in effect, saying, [that] I am an amazingly innovative, creative, culturally sensitive company, and in today’s world you must be that."
Doris Magsaysay-Ho
President and CEO, Magsaysay Group of Companies
"Today, half of our 122 partners are women. We believe that by joining PBCWE, we would become a part of a coalition that shares our overall purpose of creating a better working world, where everyone is treated equally."
J. Carlitos Cruz
Former Chairperson and Managing Partner, SGV & Co.
"We thought that it was important to be part of a Coalition that supports women empowerment through the workforce - for us to be able to benchmark, baseline, learn from, and of course, help others."
Nina Aguas
Executive Chairperson, The Insular Life Assurance Co., Ltd.