Making Workplace Gender Equality a Reality

#WEECanDoIt Webinar Series

In this webinar, described the relevance and importance of Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) as a core element in Workplace Gender Equality and Diversity & Inclusion, reviewed and related their current flexible working arrangements in the context of the company’s organisational goals and employee engagement programs, and identified practical recommendations for companies to be able to transition their FWA policies and practices from band-aid/temporary set-up to a more sustainable and effective business strategy. 

In the fourth installment of our #WEECanDoIT webinar series, we discussed proactively the role of business leaders and management in tackling the issue of sexual harassment and its effects on the well-being of the employees and their families; tackled the importance of gender-disaggregated data to track the progression of sexual harassment cases and devise solutions to reduce and minimize the effect; illustrated practices, initiatives, and operational approaches set in place by both the public and private sectors to prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace; called for a gender-responsive approach and intervention to COVID-19; and inspired leaders to take new and disruptive approaches to changing mindsets, management, systems, and processes to address sexual harassment in the workplace.

In the third installment of our #WEECanDoIT webinar series, we tackled gender equality concepts and influences on gender norms to ensure genuine collaboration among family members and discussed proactive recommendations in safeguarding the physical and emotional well-being of the family while dealing with the effects of the pandemic at home through the launch of the Family Leadership Program (FLP) module.

To know more about the FLP module, send us an email at [email protected].

In the second installment of our #WEECanDoIT webinar series, we highlighted the significance of Gender Equality (GE) and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in the mental wellness and productivity in the workplace; provided insights for business leaders, employers, and employees regarding the appropriate strategies and responses that contribute to a diverse and thriving workforce; and discussed practical recommendations to companies in monitoring work productivity without compromising mental health.

In the first installment of our #WEECanDoIT webinar series, we unfolded and discussed the current challenges of the pandemic in the formal economy, presented cases and strategies on how businesses and the private sector cope, and provided sound and evidence-based recommendations in rebuilding a resilient, inclusive and diverse workplace and economy.

Gender Working Group (GWG)

Gender Working Group (GWG) Learning Events aim to serve as an avenue for learning and exchange of best practices among Coalition members. The forum also serves as feedback mechanism for PBCWE’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) component to gather insights and future needs of the member companies to assist them in their Gender Action Plan or other HR initiatives through the Client Satisfaction Survey.

WEE Mean Business Roundtable Dialogues

Philippine Women Leaders Breakfast Dialogue, February 2018

Research and Knowledge Development for Gender Equality, April 2018

Business Leaders in Cebu, October 2018

Government Agencies, February 2019

Sustainability Reporting, December 2020

Since 2018, PBCWE has been organising a series of discussions, called the “WEE Mean Business Roundtable Dialogues”, with various groups such as business associations, industry leaders, academic institutions, and international organisations. These dialogues are designed to promote the development of a women’s business leadership pipeline and encourage society’s leaders to pursue workplace gender equality initiatives. Further, these dialogues are intended to serve as a springboard for future projects, and collaborations for sharing of best practices and advancement of the women’s economic empowerment in the Philippines.