Workplace Gender Equality and Sustainability Reporting: An Initial Analysis of the Top 30 Publicly-Listed Companies in the Philippines as of July 2021

An increasing number of companies are making it clear that disclosures concerning people are critical to business recovery. True to their impact and influence, companies have publicly demonstrated their responsibility to promote good corporate governance, as well as diverse, gender-equal, and inclusive workplaces for all. The integration of gender data on sustainability reports reinforces the companies’ commitment and accountability to gender equality. Employee data and policies that promote such are deemed material as they concern bottom-line benefits and create opportunities for growth – from its leaders to investors, consumers, and well into its respective teams.

The full text of this policy research highlights the compliance of the Top 30 Publicly-Listed Companies (PLCs) in the Philippines with the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines prescribed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The guidelines abide by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), as well as other internationally recognised reporting frameworks.

The publication of this report was made possible through the generous support of Investing in Women, an initiative of the Australian Government and WeEmpowerAsia, a regional programme of the European Commission & UN Women.

Download the report here.