Magsaysay further strengthens its commitment to workplace gender equality and safe spaces

31 May 2021 – The Magsaysay Group of Companies further strengthens its commitment to workplace gender equality and women’s economic empowerment through its continuing membership as a Founding Member of the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE).

In 2018, Magsaysay received the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) Assess Certification. EDGE is a leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality. Through this recognition, Magsaysay concretized their action plans to maintain and improve a strong gender balance across the talent pipeline, design a menu of flexible work options based on the needs of the workforce, and ensure that the top leadership team is committed to the advocacy.

“Our growing membership base is proof that workplace gender equality is key to business success. We are grateful to Magsaysay’s continued commitment and dedication to making gender-equal and thriving workplaces a reality amidst the challenges brought about by the pandemic”, said PBCWE Executive Director Julia Abad.

Magsaysay has also partnered with PBCWE to develop the Family Leadership Module, a program originally conceptualized by Magsaysay Group President and CEO, Doris Magsaysay Ho. The module aims to help breadwinners engage the rest of the family members in crafting and implementing a family vision and strategy and in ensuring that household responsibilities are evenly distributed based on the family members’ competencies rather than stereotypical gender roles. The module was officially launched in August 2020 through PBCWE’s #WEECanDoIt Webinar entitled “Empowering the Family: Leadership Principles from Business to Home”.

In addition, Magsaysay is a firm advocate of safe and respectful workplaces. The company’s anti-sexual harassment policy outlines zero tolerance for any unwelcome advances, requests, or demands of sexual nature whether verbally, physically or through use of technology, in accordance with Republic Act 11313 known as the Safe Spaces Act. This 2021, Magsaysay will be launching its Anti-Sexual Harassment Awareness Campaign: “Wag Ganyan! Sexual Harassment ‘Yan!” (WGSHY).


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